alexis. 21. female. artist. los angeles.

it’s just, i wish i had more time to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade
Sam, Caitriona, & Tobias @ NYC Outlander Premiere Screening, July 28, 2014


#my little geek by heart ◉◞౪◟◉

i’ve tried three different MBTI tests and i’ve always gotten INFJ, i guess that’s what i really am. it’s time to accept my destiny.

Title: The Scientist

Nobody said it was easy
It’s such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh take me back to the start




googled “dog swearing” and wasn’t disappointed

His fucking look of determination. Like, “you’re going to fucking jail Greg.”

#fuck you and your tongue


Imagine Hannibal Lector going down a slide and not once breaking eye contact w/ you. 

Well, I’ll tell you how you change it. This time, you live.

colin o’donoghue being adorable at the OUAT panel (x)